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Odor Elimination


We get rid of pet odor like pet urine quickly & permanently from your carpets.

Whether your problem is cat spray in the carpet, dog odors in your rugs or pet odors on your leather couch. We take care of it all.

We will eliminate the odor permanently and leave behind a fresh scent of your choice.

For Smoke or Fire Damage, the carpeting and area rugs will need a deep-down thorough cleaning.

Smoke or Soot residue will settle on the fibers and be grounded in every time someone walks on them

In most situations, sparkling Carpets will do a Showcase Method of cleaning to be sure your carpet is free of all smoke residue.

The Showcase Method consists of gently agitating the carpet fibers with a machine that applies a highly-effective detergent and then rinsing the carpet with a top-of-the-line water extraction unit.

As an added benefit, the carpet will also be deodorized, leaving a fresh scent. Whether you require wall-to-wall carpet cleaning or restoration and cleaning of an expensive oriental rug, sparkling Carpets franchisees are specialists at cleaning all types of carpet fibers.

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